Experience the Original Heritage Walk & Udaipur Cycle Tour with Walk & Pedal

Ensconced in the hot sand dunes, a song arises from the heart of Rajasthan, and reverberates through marble courtyards of sprawling mansion-like havelis, majestic palaces and resilient forts; the sound of its lilting tune wafts gently through the intricately carved jharokhas, and echoes from the ancient step-wells or baoris...

kesariya balam aaoni
                  padharo mhare des

The girl is calling out to her lover. He lives in her heart, and she considers him auspicious. In her eyes, he is precious like saffron--her kesariya balam. A gracious beauty, eyes twinkling, she looks up from underneath her veil, welcoming him home.

This is Incredible India, cradling Rajasthan in wondrous splendour!


You are our kesariya balam!

Royal Paintings of Rajasthan Culture

From the romantic city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, we extend a warm invitation to you.

Come visit our classic land renowned for its folklore, grandeur, varied cultural heritage, princely charm, sinuous dancers, vibrant colours, mouth-watering cuisine and legendary hospitality.

There is a plethora of adventures, in and around Udaipur, waiting to be unravelled. Our carefully worked out itinerary combines walk and pedal tours, and presents a unique way to explore this beautiful region.

Watch the sunrise and take in the breathtaking beauty of the city of Udaipur, glowing in the first rays of dawn-- live your Mother Nature moment; relish the delectable dishes; enjoy an invigorating bike ride; walk through the narrow lanes of the bygone era; see the local artisans at work; stroll around the city’s picturesque lakes; relax amidst the lush green gardens and rejuvenate yourself with fresh air; visit the enchanting forts and palaces and feel a sense of déjà vu; go to a village and sample the rural life; experience a mock wedding--indulge in some light-hearted adventure by getting married in the ethnic Indian style; taste the authentic flavour during the tête-à-tête with a noble family.

This is but just a glimpse of a great many places in Udaipur and the outskirts that are worth exploring. Take the offbeat track or travel to the regular tourist places of interests. Walk, pedal or drive whatever you wish, we promise to take you on an odyssey of unique experiences, the memories of which will linger on, long after the trip is over. Through our carefully designed heritage walking Tour we aim to bring the diverse culture, traditions, craftsmanship.

You would certainly want to come back again and again.

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