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We are a team of dedicated professionals, based in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. We breathe hospitality, and the way we look at it is by directing focus to the 'Real Incredible India' - a healthier way of walking and cycling.

At Walk and Pedal Travel Tours we go an extra mile by digging out destinations within destinations, just for you. We create wonderful memories by taking you to unique places.

India is made up of the urban and rural mix. Therefore, we craft your journey through sights and sounds of our environment so that you feel the energy behind the facade. Hence, your tour is designed in the manner that you get to sense the 'Real' touch that enriches your experience.

With our experienced explorers in hospitality and tourism, their keen interest in the rich culture, heritage, traditions, agriculture and the rural life of India, we believe in giving you back memories that you would cherish and fondly store in the chambers of your hearts and minds.

We wish to live up to your expectations and therefore, welcome your feedback after the tour, in order to provide even better services.


Pushpendra Singh Shaktawat

A young entrepreneur working hard for his success, Pushpendra Singh Shaktawat is a motivated and creative professional, with 10 years work experience, specifically within the hotel and travel industry.

He is passionate about culture and heritage and wishes to incorporate his passion with an innovative approach to tourism that involves visiting places that are significant either to the past or the present cultural identity of India.

Barely over 30 years of age, he has embarked upon a challenging but fulfilling endeavour to succeed in the travel industry, which is also his passion.

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Permanent Address

The Fort : Piplia Raoji
Village and Post : Piplia Raoji
Tehsil : Manasa
District : Neemuch
Madhya Pradesh -458110



An alumnus of the prestigious public school Daly College, Indore, he completed a Bachelor of Commerce from Wadia College, University of Pune and went on to pursue higher education from the Swiss Hospitality and Hotel Management School Ecole Hotelier de Montreux (HIM), Montreux, in Switzerland.

Having worked at rated hotels in India and Geneva, he has been engaged in a successful dairy farm business since 2010. With a view to diversifying and follow his passion in the travel industry, he has now set up Walk and Pedal Travels Tours with a unique approach towards travel, which he also perceives as an art.

His ardent desire to try new things, meet people and constantly upgrade his talent encouraged him to participate in sports and co- curricular activities all through his school years. He represented his school at the All India Inter Public School Cricket Tournaments from 1998 – 2002, won the All India Inter Public School Cricket Tournaments held in Hyderabad in September 2007 and was a member of the school debating team.

Fluent in English, Hindi and the local Mewari, he is familiar with basic French and also has advanced computer skills.

Currently, he lives in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India with his wife and two young children. When not working, he loves to ride the bicycle around his ancestral village of Piplia in Madhya Pradesh, India.

He is looking towards the future, confident to continue and grow by applying and developing his skills and knowledge within a dynamic and fast-paced tourism sector, and feels really excited to be a part of this global industry.